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Finding Your Forever Family

With 1,000+ adoptable animals, attending the Petco Love Mega Adoption Event is a wonderful way to find your perfect family member. The adoption process focuses on helping you find the right match for your family. Staff and volunteers will be on-site to help you with your selection, and you will take your pet home the same day you visit.


All animal rescue organizations participating in the event will use the same adoption process, and the $35 adoption fee applies to all animals. The adoption fee includes:

  • Spaying/neutering

  • Microchipping

  • Age-appropriate vaccines


What to Bring

You’ll just need to bring the few items listed below to complete an adoption:

  • $35 adoption fee

  • A carrier for a cat (or cardboard carriers will be available while supplies last)

  • Leash & collar for a dog 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if, after bringing my newly adopted cat or dog home, I find it’s not a good fit for my family?

We encourage you to give your new pet at least two weeks to adjust to a new home before deciding it’s not a good fit. Your new pet will have had a very busy and stressful couple of days at the Mega Adoption Event and will need some time to get used to the new family and environment. If, after some transition time it’s still not working out, please call the organization from which you adopted your new pet. They can give you advice on any problems you are having or can schedule a day/time for you to bring the animal back to their facility. (Please keep in mind that the $35 adoption fee is considered a donation and is non-refundable.)

What happens if, after bringing my newly adopted cat or dog home, he or she ends up being sick?

Please call the organization you adopted from right away, and they will give you information on next steps. Each shelter or rescue group has a veterinary team responsible for exams and care of the animals prior to the event, and there will be a team at the event itself to keep an eye on rudimentary symptoms. Each organization will do their best to adopt out only healthy animals, but it is inevitable that some animals may not show symptoms until days after they are home. This is why it is important that you call the organization from which you adopted right away if you notice that your new pet is starting to get sick.

$35 is too cheap! Same day adoptions are irresponsible! Won’t you put pets into bad homes with these practices?

All participating shelters and rescue organizations will have same-day adoptions during the Mega Adoption Event, and these groups will provide screenings for individuals interested in adopting one of their animals. We promote Open Adoptions, a philosophy that focuses more on finding the right home for animals as individuals rather than adhering to strict adoption policies and unnecessary paperwork. This approach is consistent with the practices recommended by all the majority of national organizations working towards no-kill communities. It is important to note that an essential aspect of Open Adoptions is the right to say no – no shelter or rescue organization is required to adopt out any animal to anyone that they feel would not be a good fit. The first priority is the safety and well-being of the animals.

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